Thursday, September 23, 2010

geaux* tigers!

Last week we were lucky to be given a pair of tickets to Saturday's LSU v Mississippi State game. It was the third game of the college football season, and first home game (at Tiger Stadium).

We tailgated from around midday, which for us, involved hanging out with friends, drinking beer, eating burgers and hot dogs for lunch, and trying not to melt in the heat (while some keen people played volleyball).

The game was great, exciting to watch, and the Tigers won 29-7.

One of the things I like most about going to the football here (aside from the tailgating, because that's also fun) is the enthusiasm of the supporters (92,538 of them at this game, minus some for the MSU supporters). The crowd wear the team colours, so the stadium is a sea of purple and gold. They know all the chants, and make LOTS of noise with the marching band to support their team. It's crazy (in a good way, of course), and quite unlike anything we've experienced, but definitely something we'll remember.

It was an enjoyable day, but also a long one – we sat down to dinner (gyoza and sushi) at 10 pm. Looking forward to getting along to more tailgating and games before we head back to Australia.

(*geaux = go. We were a bit confused by this at first, but it's a thing here)

PS. Coming up : a post about our new ice cream machine, and my first attempt at home made ice cream!

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