Thursday, April 22, 2010

film fun

I recently bought a Pentax K1000 from KEH. I'd been thinking about getting a film (35mm or instant/Polaroid) camera for a while, and was especially inspired by looking through the beautiful film shots on Brian and Molly's photostreams. I really like the look and texture of film photos. I like that the process makes me slow down, to be more selective with what I photograph, and try to compose my shots better so I'm not wasting my film (when I have plenty of space on my DSLR memory card). I'm hoping the more I use this, the more I learn and more practise I get, the better photographs I'll take (with both my cameras). And I do like the idea of having lots
of lovely pictures to look at and remember everything by.

Here are a few photos from my first roll* (there were also a couple in the last post). Stay tuned for more, I've nearly finished my second.

* I was a little disappointed with the processing of this roll. I took it to a local pharmacy, and my film came back marked (see above) and creased. Oh well, lesson learnt, and better luck next time.

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